Arabian Art Gallery for Glass founded in 1988 and is considered as one of the leading names in the field of decorative glass industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our product range include leaded stained glass, decorative stained glass, glass fusing, glass sandblasting, colored etched glass, glass bending (curving), glass edging / beveling and steel support frames.

The key objective of the Gallery has been to satisfy the clients desire and the growing requirements of the market, in order to realize this objective the Gallery management has employed a team of highly skilled Designers, technical staff and salesmen who have the ability of innovation and creativity. We are continually working to develop new specifications and products to meet our clients taste and choice in decorative glass at reasonable prices without compromising quality for our products.

The design is an essential factor to excellence decorative glass, mainly if complemented with good experience and technical skills. For this reason Arabian Art Gallery emploied highly skilled and talented designers. Usually a meeting is to be arranged for the Gallery's architect (designer) and the client to determine and discuss the client needs, in addition, many designs can be displayed to the client including traditional, geometric, floral and Islamic designs.

Leaded stained glass is an old art that has been widely used in Mosques, Palaces, Villas and public buildings for hundreds of years. The industry of stained glass is a handcraft that depends mainly on the skills of artists through its different stages from design, magnification to installation stage. Arabian Art Gallery engineered and designed its own steel support frames in accordance to Engineering and Architectural requirements. In order to obtain a complete form of leaded stained glass Dome or Skylight, we used lexan sheets to diffuse the light, protect the glass from weather factors, and to waterproof our work we use aluminum frames supported by rubber and silicon to seal it. Virtually all materials applied to our leaded stained glass are original and imported from the best manufacturers in the world.

Decorative stained glass (glass coloring) is a process of adding a specially formulated chemical colors to the flat glass surface in a high temperature ovens to produce a one or two millimeter thick layer of colored resin. The result of this process is a range of unlimited colors and there are virtually no restrictions in size and it can be applied to any form of flat glass. This artwork is suitable for internal use. The other type of decorative stained glass is painting on the glass surface by using the conventional brush and glass colors.

Sandblasting (etching) is a process in which the glass surfice is etched by using machines, chemical materials and. There are many types of glass etching such as low, deep and multi-Tone generally at the client request. As the quality of the glass sandblasted depends on the skills of the technician.

Colours can be applied to previously etched glass or mirror surface to aid adhesion of the colour and also to add a new aestheticall dimension. These colours are applied by brush, spray gun, roller or air brush, yousually the colours used are oil, resin or acrylic colours.


Name of the Establishment:
Arabian Art Gallery for Decorative Glass.

Showroom Address:
King Abdul Aziz Road - Al worood District. Near the Saudi British Bank.
P.O. Box 91360, Riyadh 11633,S.A.
Tel : +966 1 456-8666
Fax : +966 1 456-8555

Factory Address:
First Industrial Area (old Senaya), Ali Bin Abi-Talib Road, Near Al-Safi Factory.
Tel +966 1 270 8666
Fax +966 1 270 8555

Commercial Registration No.

Date of Registration:
25/7/1399 H

Responsible Person:
Mr. Khalid Al-Mohaimeed - General Manager


Self finance, Privately Owned Establishment


Total number of employees: 49

Employees Classification:

Administration 7
Engineers 8
Skilled Labors 25
Regular Labors 4
Driver 3

Employees Nationalities:

Saudi 3
Syrian 1
Sudanese 6
Pakistani 3
Indian 8
Philippine 15
Bangladeshi 13


SR 4,600,000.00